Active equipments

Our company carries out delivery, installation, setup of the active network equipment used for video transmission and audio signals and also other data. These devices allow to carry out communication between two subscribers. Professionally executed mounting and setup guarantee the long operation of all system. Long-term experience of the experts working for us allows to start working over the project of any complexity. We have responses from the domestic and foreign companies happy with quality of the performed works.

The main types of telecommunication techniques are:
• Switching equipment;
• Technique for satellite communication;
• Telecommunication devices of subscriber type;
• Systems for sending information packets.
The modern computer networks use packet forwarding of information where each sent packet contains data on other sent elements. Action of the active network equipment is constructed on special rules (algorithms), allowing to accept or send packets, to distribute load of the transferring mechanisms, to organize channels of sending messages.

Active equipments:
• Switches;
• Adapters;
• Routers;
• Hubs;
• Print servers;
• Other technique.
In addition to an active, there is also a passive equipment, installation and setup, in which our company is also engaged. The engineers are capable to construct the modern system “from scratch” or to upgrade existing, having given it the characteristics required by the customer.

Installation of equipment
According to the developed specification we execute mounting of technique, ending the project in the stipulated periods. We have the waste diagram of operation allowing us to finish installation ahead of schedule and without loss of quality.
All procedures can be broken into several stages:
• Compilation and coordination of the project with mandatory reviewing of specifics of an object, requirements of the customer;
• Supply of equipment;
• Mounting;
• Setup of system;
• Testing;
• Operation demonstration, commissioning of the project.
Furthermore, we execute hardware maintenance, prolonging period of operation which is specified in a warranty. Our clients for years use perfectly operating techniques, exchanging data on the Internet or phone, controlling office devices. If there would be need in a future, the designed system easily can be scaled and upgraded.

Projects for information systems and network

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