Information Systems and Networks

Electronics are used now everywhere: in offices, shopping centers, factories, and private homes. Company Scand Engineering Group (SEG) is developing a full-scale information systems and “turn-keys” networks. The skilled person will choose the equipment and its installation point, mount the elements of the system and will test and launch it. In the future, we will deal namely with maintenance, prolonging the service life.

Our advantages:

  • European quality. We focus on high standards, of developed countries, which are working for many years
  • An experienced team of specialists, who undergoes periodic training, and checking for their compliance
  • Use only modern equipment
  • We work completely officially, clearly adhering to the contract;
  • Performing all types of work related to the information systems and networks
  • We have feedback from the major domestic and foreign companies, which had been working for
  • Performing the installation carefully. Provide documentations for each executional phase of the project
  • We have an attractive quality, and price ratio.

For many years the company works with large industrial and commercial enterprises, we select the best service providers. High performance loading and extensive system require particular professionalism in the design and installation of the system. Ready to take on any project, successfully bringing it to the end.


Our projects:

The regular appearance of innovations in the electronic market requires constant improvement of skills of installers and engineers that make up the project plan. The long-term presence among the leaders in their field is the best proof of compliance with customer requirements.

Completed projects include:

  • Organization of Data Centers
  • Creating cloud-data storage for large companies
  • Work with the data-centres (servers)
  • Installation of telephone, cable networks for data transmissions
  • Installation and configuration of the PBX;
  • Lighting systems of different scale and type (street, interior, combined).

Experience in the implementation of projects of information systems of various sizes, and the solution of complex problems, help us to find an individual approach, abandoning the template, universal schemes. We analyze the characteristics of each facility, the customer’s requirements, determine in advance potential difficulties and how we can resolve them. We employ only professionals. By entrusting any task to our staff, you can safely expect the best outcome. It will be the most effective and appropriate instructions.

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